Krakow can be described as a party capital of Poland – bars, pubs and clubs can be found here in abundance. So, if you are looking for the things to do in Krakow, you will not be disappointed. Yes, although twice times smaller than Poland’s capital, Warsaw, Krakow has probably the biggest pub density in Europe and one of the biggest student population as well. What does it mean? Simply – that it is possible to party here all week long without coming twice to the same bar!

Finding the best place to spend your time during your Krakow break may look like a simple thing to do, but as a matter of fact is not that easy. Finding the best cultural events in a city that has half a dozen theatres or getting the best restaurant in a place that has almost as much dining places as Warsaw – it can be a true challenge. So, let us guide you through this amazing, full of life city and give you some tips what to do in Krakow.

Krakow Cloth Hall in the morning

Mornings in Krakow are amazing. The fog surrounds each and every corner of the Main Market Square and the traditional horse carriages ride sleepy along the narrow lanes. What are the things to do in Krakow so early? You stumble half-sleeping after yesterday party to the nearest bar to grab some breakfast. Yes, having a delicious morning breakfast while overlooking the Old Town is the latest trend in Krakow. And what is trendy to eat? French-style cuisine is a morning must! Crunchy croissant with home made wild-berry jam (polish touch!), warm latte – and you are ready to go!

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Krakow Main Square and morning latte.

Your day in Krakow should mix some good sightseeing and interesting activities. Krakow sightseeing means visiting Wawel Castle, Floriańska Gate and Barbican – if you have seen it all, you deserve a break – head to Kryspinów Lake. Located  only 15 kilometers from the bustling Krakow center, this place offers lots of areas where you can swim safely, make the best of the sun bathing possibilities and enjoy a traditional Polish village picnic party with barbecue. The area is surrounded by the forests of Bielecko-Tyniecki National Reserve, and welcomes all visitors with vast sandy beaches. Adrenaline seekers will all fall for this place: windsurfing, ATV off-road driving and ziplines – all of them are here. Also, if you don’t feel like coming back to Krakow, you can pitch your tent at the friendly Kryspinów Camping with lots of folks from all around the world!

Places to visit in Krakow – Kryspinow Summer Party:

After exploring the nature’s wonders it’s time to get cultural – in this field there are dozens of things to do in Krakow. Yes, yes, we know you have seen this beautiful Lady with the Ermine by da Vinci in Princes Czartoryski Museum and that you admired famous Jagged Sword in Wawel Castle. Now it’s time for something unique and refreshing – like MOCAK – the Krakow’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Even, if you are not a hard contemporary art fan, you’ll certainly enjoy wandering through some of the best (and, sometimes, funniest) exhibitions of modernistic paintings, sculptures and installations. One of the most interesting is certainly the famous interactive Live Factory 2: Warhol by Lupa. Lupa, one of the most renowned polish theater directors, shows to the publicity his own interpretation of Andy Warhol’s works and life. After entering this installation you can sit on Andy’s couch and feel the intense ambiance of his atelier.

It’s time to get wild! Visit the famous Krakow Zoological Garden, which spreads on over 20 hectares and is a home to 2000 animals. You will find here over 300 species of exotic animals from all continents – zebras, elephants and crocodiles are just a few of them. The Zoo is located at Kasy Oszczędności Miasta Krakowa street only 1 kilometer after Las Wolski. After spending some time among wild animals you can go and get some fun. Where? At Water Park – the biggest in Poland. Apart from swimming pools you will find here water slides and chutes, hot and relaxing Jacuzzis and of course saunas of any kind you’s dream for. Adult guests will be happy to know that one can have a delicious drink at the water bar here, too. To find out ticket fares and time openings visit the park’s website: 

Aqua Park – Krakow must see! Check this Video