Day Spa Krakow – Things To Do.

Feeling tired and stressed? Believe us, it’s normal, even when you’re on holiday. Even though you’re travelling and discovering  new, amazing places, your body may need something more than a simple travel to reboot and regain its strenght. Going to SPA is then the best idea – allowing yourself to get pampered with massages, aromatherapies and masks will help you regenerate both body and mind.

When visiting Krakow do not forget to visit a professional SPA before you leave – both price and service are here of amazing value!  To make sure you will be fully satisfied, check with the Krakow spa consultant what does your body need. In most of the spa&wellnes salons you can choose between different kinds of treatments according to your needs. Relaxing massage, regenerating aromatherapy or Indian Ayurvedic massage that helps to rehydrate your skin.

Floating session at Floatarium

If you want to experience something truly unique and relax like never before, book a session at Floatarium ( Without any doubt, this is one of the most amazing spa salons we ever visited. What’s so different? Well, after arriving you are locked in sensory depravation chamber, where slowly floating through yout body water softens your skin and senses. Alternatively, for a classical spa treatmens, head to Vanilla Spa ( at Niebieski Hotel, where you will get pampered like never before.

Massage Krakow – Vanilla Spa