Taxi Krakow Sign – Most popular are: Icar, Eco Taxi, Wawel Taxi, Mega Taxi

If you’d like to take a taxi in Krakow about 15 years ago, you’d have to think twice if it’s worth it. Hassling, negotiating (very) overpriced charge for the trip plus the fact that in the bygone days taxi drivers in Krakow very seldom would use meters…Yup, happily those days are over. Today you can take a taxi from any point in the city, at any time and be sure that it is safe and worth its price. However, when taking a taxi in Krakow (especially, if you are a foreigner), try to remember about a couple of things. First of all, whenever it is possible, try to call taxi in advance to avoid any problems. You can use also the app to compare fares and car models – the app is free and quite useful.
Also, when waving the taxi in the city, try to avoid taking the car that stands just outside Bus or Train station – they can be pricey. Walk a couple meters further and you are very likely to get a taxi with much better fare. Always check, if the car has clearly marked the following: company name, company number and a sticker in a window stating, how much the fare is. Usually you will pay about 7 PLN plus 2.30 – 3 PLN per every kilometer. On Sundays and at the night time expect the fares to be double.

Typical Krakow Taxi

And what about the exact fares for the taxi in Krakow? You probably will not be surprised – Krakow airport to  the city is one of the most expensive rides you may have in this charming city. Krakow Airport Taxi has a monopoly fro driving passengers here – and they overprice rides heavily. Expect to pay 70-90 PLN – so, if possible, try to share car with other travelers. For a short trips in the city center expect to pay way less: from Kraków Główny (Krakow Main train station) to the Wawel Royal Castle – about 15 PLN, from Kraków Główny to Wieliczka Salt Mines about 40 PLN (one-way), from Kraków Główny to Krakow Zoo about 30 PLN and from Krakow Main Square to Kazimierz Jewish Quater about 18 PLN.

Our recommended and checked taxi companies in Krakow are:

  • Barbakan Taxi (tel. +48 12 196 61, ),
  • Mega Taxi (tel. +48 12 196 25, ),
  • Radio Taxi 919 (tel. + 48 12 191 91)
  • and Radio Taxi Wawel (tel. +48 12 196 66, )