Best places to visit in Poland

Poland is an amazing place to pend your holiday. Would it be a sightseeing, active holidays or a family tour – you name it, you can have it in this amazing country. Culinary tours, architecture-themed holidays or cultural city break to Krakow – Poland Poland is a great place to plan any of it.   Also, what sometimes even Poles tend to forget – Poland is a great place on the European map to escape hetic urban life and relax in the Nature surroundings. Yes, Poland tourist attractions are a delightful mix of natural and cultural sights. In one word: if you crave for a good holiday, do not hesitate and head to Poland!

Visiting Poland is a great experience – and, what is more important for any traveler, getting from one place to another is extremely simple. You can cross the country in a relaxing pace in two or three weeks time, not missing anything worth seeing. Poland’s train network reaches almost every corner of the country. You can travel comfortably and cheap, enjoying the countryside landscapes en route. Also, trains connect Poland with the rest of Europe – Vienna, Budapest and Berlin are easy to reach in 9-12 hours overnight ride.

Poland tourism flourished in recent years and country’s main highlights and historical buildings are renovated – looking better and better with every year. You can plan your Poland trip travelling step-by-step from North to South. Our recommended route starts in the city of Gdansk. Located at the coldish but covered by kilometres of sandy beaches Baltic Sea, it is a city that has more spirit than any other place in Poland. Gdansk is famous for its merchant-hanseatic architecture and for being the cradle of polish freedom movements against the communist regime. You will love the richly ornamented merchants villas and the vibrant nightlife accompanied by the naughty sailors’ shanty music. From here one can travel to Malbork, which is one of the highlights during any travel to Poland. Huge Teutonic castle in Malbork is the biggest medieval fortified castle in the world and you can easily spend a whole day discovering here secrets of Teutonic knights that dwelled here.

Malbork Poland – One of the best castles in the world!

After doing some fighting vs. medieval knights in Malbork it is essential to rest – the best place to do it in Northern Poland is beautiful region of Mazury Lakes. You can swim here in crystal clear waters, sail under dark sky covered with millions of stars and, of course, taste the mouth watering local fish! Following Poland’s Nature Trail you can go to Bialowieza National Park – one of the last places in Europe where you can see the giant zubr – Polish bison.

The next step during your great Poland trip should be Warsaw – one of most exciting and friendly European capital. A city of skyscrapers, narrow cobbled streets of the Old Town and amazing nightlife attracts today tourists from all around the world. Close to the Polan’s capital you will find Lodz – a little bit overshadowed today by Warsaw, this city used to be one of the richest in Eastern Europe back in 19th century. You can admire here hundreds of beautiful Art-Noveau villas with huge stained glass windows and wander through the industrial city within a city in the old cotton factories.

Warsaw – Poland capital city

It is now time to visit one of Poland and Europe’s most amazing cities – Krakow. Poland is full of historical monuments remembering medieval times – but it is Krakow that has the biggest density of those. Located in southern Poland, Krakow is surrounded by most amazing landscapes, including the mighty Tatra Mountains. You will find here underground world of tunnels and cellars in Krakow  Underground Museum and Europe’s nicest Renaissance castle – the Wawel Castle, erected on the green hill overlooking Wisla river.

Wawel Cathedral Krakow

Krakow is by no means most charming city in Poland – you can wander all night through the medieval narrow lanes, admire Baroque facades of country’s most famous churches and discover alchemists’ secrets in the Wawel Museum. By day head to Kazimierz – a small quarter within Krakow Old City. Kazimierz was a home to Krakow Jewish community for at least 500 years and after decades of being neglected it is now one of the most vibrant and hipster (at moments) places on Krakow map. Visit the most famous synagogues – Old Synagogue and Remuh Synagogue, wander through medieval lanes of the old Jewish cemetery and experience the pre-war life of Kazimierz at Oskar Schindler’s Factory.

Krakow is not only one of the most charming cities in Poland – it is also one of the most traveler friendliest! From the Krakow John Paul II Airport (the second biggest in Poland)  you can travel conveniently and cheap to any chosen place in the world – would it be London, Paris, Chicago or…Palma de Mallorca!

Last but not least – while travelling to Poland (and especially to Krakow!) do not forget to experience the nightlife. Poles love to party and enjoy their traditional booze – vodka. Do some pub crawl in Krakow’s party district – Kazimierz, and you’ll quickly fall in love with this almost 50% strong polish delicacy. You’ll love Polish people aw well – as our nation is the top list friendliest among all nations in the world!