Krakow Nightlife – Hundreds Bars and Clubs

The ancient city of Krakow is without any doubt a place to party – all night. Anyone who enjoys nightlong dancing and good drinking will fall in love with this city. Krakow nightlife is famous for being vibrant and bustling. City’s countless restaurant’s, cafes and cabarets used to be described by poets, portrayed by painters and visited by artists and intellectuals since 19th century and, believe us – not without a reason. Today, the vibrant nightlife in Krakow is focused mainly on pubs, clubs and night bars – which invite every night thousands of visitors from all round the world.

To start your Krakow pub crawl you need to understand its unique ambiance. First of all, one needs to realize that Krakow was always regarded to be the artist’s capital of Poland. This is the reason why even today you will find here lots of art inspired pubs and clubs, and why you are still likely to hear some good poetry in the depth of the night during drinking in many Krakow bars. The famous Piwnica pod Baranami cabaret or decadent music of the Świetliki music band are good ways to initiate you to the poetic side of Krakow.

So, are you ready to start your night in Krakow? If yes, we highly recommend having your first beer in one of the hundreds small beer pubs, that specialize in innovative and excellent classical drinks, have unique decor and are open till the last client. You will find most of them simply walking around Main Square. Best bars in Krakow include the famous House of Beer – a place dedicated to beer lovers, which gives you an opportunity to taste over 150 kinds of this delicious amber drink. The decor is cosy and makes you feel like home. Ask the bartender for the famous German and Belgium beers from a hundred years-old breweries. Also, this is perhaps one of the best places for the Krakow stag do. From here you can continue to famous CK Browar – a must-visit place for anyone keen on good quality locally made beers. You will taste here fresh beer, brewed on the spot and, if you wish – drink the golden liquid in 3 meters long tubes. From delicious lagers and bitter ales to dark porters – you will find any of your dream beers here.

Beer & Golonka – Poland’s national dish at CK Browar

The next destination should be Propaganda Pub – a place where you can feel the foregone era of Polish communism. Banners, posters collected throughout years take you fifty years back. And drinks are real killers! Another great choice for history-inspired party would be socialist and old-school themed Spolem Deluxe. It’s one of the most attractive places in Krakow to join the party. Good dancing area (but you don’t HAVE to dance though) with oldie hits played from the 1968 van.

Krakow Party at Społem Deluxe

As the night goes darker, the real fun starts – and the clubbing! Krakow clubs are great places to party hard – and if you’d like to do it, try visiting one of Krakow’s famous clubs, where music is loud, dances – hot and drinks – refreshingly cold. The good place to party is energetic Prozac, where DJs feed you with the latest hits till late (or rather early) hours. Forum Przestrzenie is also a place not to be missed. A true gem on the Krakow cultural&party scene, it mixes the culture center activity with local alcohols filled menu and great alternative music concerts. Run by young culture-obsessed team, the place has a familiar hipsterish feel, it is not ostentatious though.

Forum Przestrzenie – Best Club in Cracow

If you are a student or have simply student (eq. really small) budget and crave for cold and, what’s more important, cheap beer, you don’t have to look very far. Many bars in Krakow pour great beers in equally great prices. Head to noisy and fun Frantic – great DJs from all over Poland (and not only!), serious heavy dubs and minimal decor of typical medieval Krakow cellar – you have it all here. For some good r’n’b vibes go to Shine Club. This ultra modern and chic three-storey club has it all: comfortable sofas, long list of exquisite drinks and separated VIP spaces. With location at the very center of Kazimierz – the old Jewish Quarter – the place truly shines among all other clubs.

Shine Club Krakow Party

To party in style you do not have to walk far. The Coco Music Club is among one of the best places in Krakow to feel like a celebrity. Velvet sofas, designer furniture and surprising decor create an excellent ambiance. This club is always crowded with both local party goers, expats ant tourists. Strict selection and safety rules apply to all guests, so you may be sure nothing bad happens here to your precious belongings. To add some lavish feeling to your Krakow nightlife experience, visit the Baccarat Music Club. 500 sq. meters of baroque-inspired design, professionally run bar and opulent interiors of private VIP spaces – we don’t think there’s much more to dream of.

Krakow Clubs Video – Coco Music Club

Your Krakow night should end with a visit to one of those two: Diva or Shakers Club. None of them is for the youngsters! With bar-dancing nights, B.Y.O.B parties and lots of audult-themed activities those two make an excellent spot for the (almost) last drink. Party-loving ladies will love the Shakers for its ladies-only nights, while their guys should be already reserving a table for every Tuesday’s “Single By Night” at Diva. Both sexes can equally enjoy their last-last drinks at Lokal Club, located at the very heart of Old Market Square. Monday “Pizza Party” is especially worth a visit.

Polish Girls at Shakers Club Krakow

Now it’s time for something we really like – late night visit to the famous Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa, located at the Old Market Square and Kazimierz. This place is a tribute to the new cracovian tradition of small 24/7 bars that sell cold shots accompanied by typical polish drinking snacks: herrings or cold pork jelly with cold white vodka at 3am is a must-do experience!

Of course Krakow is not all but clubbing and drinking. As the night goes by, you can jump the cultural scene of the city, which has some great theaters, galleries and cinemas. When it comes to the art of drama, you will get spoiled here. It is enough to visit Criciteka and Cricot 2 theatres to get yourself acknowledged with polish avant-garde drama art. To experience something unique, go to Słowacki Theatre and enjoy polish classic dramas in amazing Art Noveau building. After the performance head to the small and inviting restaurant, which serves mouth-watering snacks and great wines.

For some good movie you can go to Kino Paradox or tiny Kino Mikro – apart from Hollywood blockbusters.