Travelling from or to Krakow by bus is highly recommended for any traveler. In fact, if you choose to go to most of the places south from Krakow, bus can be much faster, cheaper and convenient than the train.

The Krakow bus station is located just behind Krakow Głowny – the main train station, couple hundred meters from the historical Old Town. You can walk here or take any tram or public bus that stops at the Kraków Główny. The bus terminal itself is very modern and traveler friendly. You will find here english-speaking information and couple of places to eat if you have to wait for your bus.

From the bus terminal you can travel to most places in Poland – such as Warsaw, Wroclaw or Katowice. It is also a good place to jump comfortable Krakow –  Zakopane bus to travel towards the Tatra Mountains (it is really much, much faster that taking the train – bus journey takes only 2.5 hours, while the train will  go and go…forever). If you plan to fly from Krakow, you will be happy to know that cheap and fast Krakow airport bus departs from here almost every hour.

If you going to airport look for this kind of bus – Line 208, 292 and 902 (night)

You can choose between public and private bus carriers (a few privately-owned companies operate from here: Trans Frej, zwagropol and Waweltur). The difference is mostly in size of the buses – private companies offer sometimes minivans, that are bit faster and cheaper. Tickets are sold in the ticket-windows (for the long haul travels) or directly at the buses. Few bigger companies sell tickets online – it is worth to check it to avoid long queues, especially if you travel during local holiday or festival).

So, where can you travel from here? Almost anywhere! Local buses will take you directly to such places as Częstochowa (6 buses per day, operated by public company PKS). Krakow to Auschwitz bus (to Oświęcim city) departs from here every hour. Lublin (5 buses per day, 4.5 hours), Zamość (4-5 hours) or Cieszyn right at the Polish-Czech border (2 hours). If you are planning any longer, international journey, you will not be disappointed – Eurolines bus company offers daily connections to many European cities, such as Amsterdam (20.5 hours). You can bard here also Krakow to Budapest bus (7.5 hours), or travel from Krakow to Vienna (10.5 hours) and Prague (10 hours).