Krakow Airport, today officially named as John Paul II Airport, is the second biggest in Poland and, as it also happens, the biggest domestic one. Every year the airport hosts almost 2 mln guests, who start or continue from here their great European journey. You will find here all modern facilities – from restaurants and cafes serving delicious food to fast WiFi connection. The airport is really conveniently sized – it is not too big, so it is highly improbable that you will get lost here. At almost every corner you will find signs leading you to different places – check-ins, rest zones or departure gates.  In case of any troubles professional english-speaking staff will do their best to help you. Just look for the people with vests signed: “NEED HELP?”.

Balice Airport – Photo by Altoshipper / CC BY-SA 4.0

If you have to stay at the airport for a while and wait for the connecting flight, you will not be disappointed – although small,  the airport offers plenty of places to eat and rest. On both sides of security check-in you will find the great cafeteria and small restaurants – expect to eat a lot of mouth-watering polish cuisine here! Alternatively, you can simply jump the public bus that departs from the airport and get straight to the city to grab something to eat, visit the main city sights and quickly get back for the next flight – all in just 3-4 hours!

Without any doubt, Krakow Airport it is the best place to begin your polish adventure. Why? Mostly due to its location – just in the middle of southern Poland region, the fascinating and picturesque Lesser Poland Voivodeship. From Krakow Airport you can easily plan your onward journey to the historical and cultural heart of Krakow Old Town, take a train to climb the mighty Tatra mountains (only 100 km from here!) or visit the UNESCO listed Wieliczka Salt Mines – a true treasure, regarded as one of the most unique architectural sights ever created by men.

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Flights to Krakow

If you want to visit this amazing city at any time of the year, you will be happy to know that Krakow Airport serves lots of flight connections from all over Europe. If you are looking for some good-priced, cheap flights to Krakow, there are almost too many to choose from: EasyJet, Jet2 and Ryanair airlines fly almost every day to such destinations as Rome, Barcelona, London, Frankfurt and even summer beaches of Gran Canaria, Palme de Mallorca or Paphos. Of course you can also arrive here with regular airlines, such as Air Berlin, Alitalia, British Airways, LOT and Lufthansa, that connect Krakow to main cities in whole Europe. To check the current schedule for Krakow airport arrivals or  departures you can simply visit the airport website.

There is also one more advantage of flying to Krakow – once you land here, you can simply jump the bus and after an hour you will reach Katowice – the capital of vibrant Upper Silesia! Visibly and culturally different from any other part of Poland, Katowice give you the feeling of the amazing multicultural city. Food, language and traditions of polish, german and Jewish people make it an amazing place to discover! Of course it works also the other way round – you can get easily from Katowice airport to Krakow by bus or train in about 2.5 hours. Thanks to the A4 highway running here you can also travel fast to main cities in southern Poland, such as Wroclaw (3.5 hour), Zakopane (3 hours) or Lublin (4 hours). Comfortable and fast train connections will take you to Warsaw – the capital of Poland – in 2.5 hours. In one word, it is really hard to imagine a better place to start your journey, than Krakow Airport.

Travelling from Krakow Airport to city

The airport is located very conveniently- only 11km from the city center – and is quite easy to reach by any means of transport as well. To be true, just after arriving the airport you will notice that Krakow airport transfers are really professionally arranged. If you are planning to arrive by car, it is enough to drive from the A4 highway to reach the airport just after 20 minutes. Upon the arrival you can use the KISS&FLY parking program, which allows every car to stay up to 3 minutes (up to 20 minutes for car carrying disabled passengers). If you plan to stay a bit longer, you may use comfortable multilevel parking lots (first hour, 9 PLN, every next – 10 PLN). Also, there is a possibility of renting the car on the spot – you can book this service online, using the airport’s website.

On the airport look for this bus – Krakow Airport Balice Solaris- Photo by Andrzej Otrębski  / CC BY-SA 4.0

If you’d like to arrive by public transport, you will discover that travelling from Krakow airport to city is fast, cheap and easy. You may choose to travel by bus –  which takes about 60 minutes from the Krakow Gallery and costs 4 PLN (look for the bus lines 208, 292 and night bus 902). Buses leave from the bus stand just next to the mall really very frequently – every 20 or 30 minutes. However, the most comfortable way to get to Krakow Airport is taking the train. Fast and clean, the trains leave from the Krakow Główny railway station. On board you can make use of WiFi connection and lean comfortably in your seat. Train travel to the airport will take you only 17 minutes and the ticket costs only 8 PLN. And, needless to say, from the Krakow Główny train station there is plenty of opportunities to continue your travel to any chosen destination within Poland and Europe! Think about taking the train to Vienna, Prague or Bratislava – yes, it is all possible from here.

Krakow Airport to City Train – Photo by Tomasz Chorwat  / CC BY-SA 3.0

The last option to get there is take one of the local minivans, that depart from the 208 bus stand – you can choose one of those companies: NEO Bus, Albatros Bus, Tiger Express and CD Bus. The advantage of travelling with them is simple – way less stops on the way and faster transfer.

Travel easier

If you would like to have a proper rest before your flight, consider using the Airport Business Lounge. You will find here elegant and quiet relax zone, free WiFi internet and  self-serviced bar serving hot and cold meals and drinks. You can refresh yourself here before the flight – in the lounge any passenger can use toilets with showers. Passengers travelling in business class will have complimentary access to the lounge, while all others may book their stay here for 120 PLN.

Travel Tips

Although travelling by plane from Krakow Airport is now easy and simple, it is good to remember about some useful travel tips that will make your journey more enjoyable. First of all, it is good to arrive at the airport early – approximately 120 minutes before the flight. Please make note that Krakow city can be bit trafficked in rush hours, so giving yourself even more time is not unwise. The check-in starts usually 2 hours and ends 40 minutes before the departure. If you will need any assistance from the airport crew – like wheelchair – acknowledge the airline at least 24 hours before your flight. Also, please remember that we are in central Europe, where the weather is prone to change with every minute – snow storms, heavy fogs and rains are nothing uncommon – and so are the plane delays. To avoid any troubles, check your flight status 24 hours before departure, and while being at the airport control the flight schedule boards.

Prepare your luggage before the travel! Charge your phone, laptop or any moble devices you will use during the flight. Please remember, that using mobile phones, laptops, etc. during taking-off and landing is forbidden!

Last but not least, remember to pack size&weight-wisely. To avoid any complications check what is the size and weight of both cabin and registered luggage on your flight. Remember, that if you pack too much stuff…you will have to pay for it!

If you have any liquids with you – such as face creams, tooth paste, etc. – make sure that they do not exceed 100 ml and are kept in a transparent plastic bag. Any personal things – such as passport, money and valuables (jewelry, electronic devices…) should be always with you. The best way is to keep them in a small hip or chest bag.

And, finally, the most important: remember to pack your smile and good humour – you’re flying to one of the best cities in Europe!