Krakow Film Festival – Films from around the world – phot. T.Korczyński –

Krakow Film Festival is one of the oldest in Europe. Each year film maniacs can watch here the best documents, animation and fiction movies from all round Europe. If you plan to visit the festival, give yourself enough time to enjoy it – as it lasts 7 days. At this time you will get the opportunity to watch over 250 movies by Europe and world’s best, well-known and most promising directors. If you have difficulties in choosing the movies you’d like to see you’ll be happy to know that they are always grouped in thematic sections – so it’s enough to choose your favorite director or topic, sit comfortably and enjoy the art of cinema.

Krakow – Events during Film Festival – phot. T.Korczyński –

During Krakow Film Festival, one of most interesting Krakow events you are of course not sentenced for the latest cinematic blockbusters – every year you can also watch old-timed movies and archival cinema pieces of art by Fellini, Polanski or any other world-known director. It is also a great opportunity to teach the younger viewers about the cinema history as every movie retrospection is conducted by interesting speaker. After watching another ten great movies you might want to have some rest from the cinema screen – don’t you? And the Festival gives you the opportunity to do so! Every day at the Festivals means not only lots of great movies, but also lots of ran everywhere in Krakow events: intriguing exhibitions, movie talks and meetings with world’s most interesting movie makers and concerts. In one world, there’s plenty things to do during Krakow Film Festival apart from movie watching!

54 Film Kff Priit Parns Master Class- phot. T.Korczyński –

Of course, there would be no good Film Festival without competition – and Krakow Film Festival has one as well. Every year the Dragon Awards go to the best and most interesting debutes, and the awarded movies are also appreciated on many other movie festivals around the world. Since the late ’90 the festival jury has introduced also the Dragon of the Dragons Award for life achievements.

Being Poland’s oldest film festival, Krakow Film Festival had its moments of ups and downs – and unfortunately with the beginning of Poland’s freedom in the early ’90 it became quite underfinanced, which meant also – underpromoted. Fortunately, with last decade’s changes in Festival’s Formula and philosophy this situation changed. After renaming itself the International and National Documentary and Short Film Festival the jury started receiving even more movies – and even more interesting and the festival fans appeared in Krakow every year in bigger numbers.

Krakow Film Festival Kazimierz Event – phot. T.Korczyński –

With this year Festival edition comes a special event – a retrospective of the best movies directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski – world’s most interesting movie maker, movie philosopher and movie lover. You will get to see his most amazing works, such as “Amateur” – and this movie screening will be accompanied by meeting with Kieślowski’s favorite actor – Jerzy Stuhr.