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There are many cheap flights to Krakow.

If you want to fly to Krakow, Poland’s cultural and party capital by air, there’s lots of flights that connect this fascinating city to the rest of Europe. Krakow Airport, named after famous Polish Pope John Paul II Airport, allows to fly and out very conveniently – and cheap. The airport is located only 11 kilometers from the city center and you can get here fast and cheap by public transport – bus and train.

Since couple of years low-cost airlines from all over Europe use the Krakow Airport as one of the main European airports. However, most flights are operated by only one airline: the famous dirty-cheap Ryanair, however, you can fly here as well with such airlines as EasyJet and Jet2. You can fly  to Krakow from almost any city in Europe: Rome, Barcelona, London, Frankfurt, Dublin, Paris and Vienna. And yes, London, Frankfurt and Paris are also Europe’s main hubs, which means you can get here from any place in the world!

In summer you jump regular cheap flights to Krakow straight from the sandy beaches of Gran Canaria, Palma de Mallorca or Paphos. You might be also surprised, but from this small airport you can fly as well to Chicago (daily flights) and New York (two flights every week) with polish airlines LOT.

Of course you can also get in here with most renowned regular European airlines, such as Air Berlin, Alitalia, British Airways, LOT and Lufthansa, which can be a good idea, if you plan to do some serious shopping here and carry a bigger luggage. For the ideas where to shop in Krakow check our „Krakow shopping” article!

There are flights to Krakow from almost any corner of Europe. If you want to travel to Krakow from Irish Belfast, grab some delicious Guinnes and you take EasyJet EZY6783 Flight (07.00-10.45). From Italian Bologna, one of the most beautiful medieval cities of Europe, you can fly to Krakow with Ryanair  FR4321 (09.30-11.20). If your further holiday plans include visiting Krakow straight from the majestic castles of Scotland, you can take one of two flights from Edinburgh – morning EasyJet EZY6939 (07.40-09.35) or afternoon Ryanair FR6624 (16.25-20.15). John Paul II Krakow Airport is also connected with domestic flights to other cities in Poland: Gdansk, Warsaw (6 daily, all served by Polish Airlines LOT) and, since recently – Olsztyn Mazury Airport (twice daily). If you want to get here from one of Europe’s biggest and busiest hubs –  London – you can choose to fly from smaller airports of London Gatwick and Stansed (flights are operated by low-cost carriers – Ryanair and EasyJet). ALternatively, you can also fly to Krakow from famous London Heathrow – there are daily flights operated by LOT. There are also many flights to Krakow from other European hubs – such as German Frankfurt and Munich or French Paris Charles de Gaulle.  Frankfurt and Munich are connected to Krakow thanks to Lufthansa, while Paris CDG Airport flights are served by wallet-friendly EasyJet.

Although you may be surprised, Krakow is also a perfect, cooling city escape from hot European islands. You can fly to Krakow directly from Paphos, famous for its beaches and historical monuments (by Ryanair  FR8056 flight). There are also flights to Krakow straight from amazing and fun Tenerife (Ryanair daily flights FR4512). The Gran Canaria beaches, perfect for any windsurfer, are connected with Krakow thanks to (again!) Ryanair – flightFR4504.. And, last but not least, you can fly to Krakow Airport straight from Israeli Eilat – all you have to do is jump the Ryanair FR2615! And believe us, all above are just some of the flights offered to Krakow Airport.


Please remember, that if you fly from Krakow Airport it is advisable to give yourself some extra time before arriving, as the city center can get quite trafficked in the rush hours. If you travel to the airport by taxi between 3pm and 7pm – give yourself twice as much time advised by the airlines. Or simply take the cheap and comfortable train straight from the Kraków Główny (Krakow Main train station).