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Wieliczka Salt Mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine Corridor Imagine yourself, that world round you suddenly gets dark. You seem to be deep upderground – your nosethrils feel the strange, humid scent. While you wander through narrow corridors, your fingers touch the walls – cold and steep. If you lick your finger you can taste…it’s salty! After a moment you walk into a magnificent, giant hall. With hanging chandaliers and sculptures it does not resemble anything you have ever seen. Cold light beams from salt-sculptured lamps, enabling you to see where you are. And actually you are in a most unique conference hall in...

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Zakopane Poland

Zakopane Weather in Summer Kasprowy Wierch Zakopane is by no means a place simply unforgettable. A city known for decades as a winter capital of Poland is surrounded by majestic Tatra mountains – the highest range of Carpathians. Any panorama visible from here will make you lose your breath – granite, barren peaks of Rysy summit (2449 meters), Giewont or Mnich look like its bigger brothers in the french or Austrian Alps. And the fresh, mountain air, allows you to breathe deeply – at last! This place is a prefect destination for any polish holidays… Zakopane Poland Krupówki Street...

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Krakow Bus Station

Travelling from or to Krakow by bus is highly recommended for any traveler. In fact, if you choose to go to most of the places south from Krakow, bus can be much faster, cheaper and convenient than the train. The Krakow bus station is located just behind Krakow Głowny – the main train station, couple hundred meters from the historical Old Town. You can walk here or take any tram or public bus that stops at the Kraków Główny. The bus terminal itself is very modern and traveler friendly. You will find here english-speaking information and couple of places...

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Krakow Taxi

Taxi Krakow Sign – Most popular are: Icar, Eco Taxi, Wawel Taxi, Mega Taxi If you’d like to take a taxi in Krakow about 15 years ago, you’d have to think twice if it’s worth it. Hassling, negotiating (very) overpriced charge for the trip plus the fact that in the bygone days taxi drivers in Krakow very seldom would use meters…Yup, happily those days are over. Today you can take a taxi from any point in the city, at any time and be sure that it is safe and worth its price. However, when taking a taxi in Krakow...

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Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp is for many a must-do experience while their travel to Poland. Without a doubt, is is not an easy visit to the next tourist attraction – more like a disturbing experience that shows how cruel and inhumane people can be to each other. Auschwitz is today one of the most important historical monuments documenting World War II genocide – one of the greatest atrocities in our history. Altogether in the whole Auschwitz camp area over 1.1 million of people were killed – men, women and children.   Auschwitz entrance – Photo by Alquiler de...

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Krakow Weather
light intensity shower rain
humidity: 82%
wind: 14mph WNW
H 54 • L 44
Weather from OpenWeatherMap

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